Top-notch and efficient service for more than 40 years.


The History of ERB

In 1977, Mr. Réal Bouchard acquired Maurice Boivin Ltée, aiming to realize his vision of using the company to fulfill his dreams.

A passionate pilot and pioneer at heart, he decided to venture into northern Quebec. "We will go where other contractors won't!"

His son joined the adventure and helped grow the business into what we know today as Les Entreprises Réal Bouchard Inc.

Currently expanding, ERB aims to grow while maintaining a family spirit.

For ERB, this "family spirit" means fostering closeness throughout the organization, reflected in the work atmosphere.

Commitment: Fully investing ourselves with integrity in everything we do daily.

Respect: Considering and valuing all stakeholders, recognizing the strengths and limitations of each person.

Happiness: Thriving in a pleasant, even festive work environment when the occasion arises! We celebrate our victories throughout our journey.

Les Entreprises Real Bouchard

2155, rue de la Peltrie

Jonquière, QC G8A 2A1